Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity (FAYA), Nepal

Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity (FAYA), Nepal

Established in 1995, Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity, Nepal (FAYA-Nepal) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-government organization registered with District Administration Office Kailali. Since its inception, FAYA-Nepal has been striving to build an equitable and just society in Mid and Far West region of Nepal. FAYA’s multi-sect oral interventions have contributed towards building agencies of the partner communities to claim basic public services; promote food lives and livelihoods.

Youths are the most productive resource, it is imperative that we mobilize the potential human resource for social transformation. The society would always stands to loose its strength if this resource is wasted. So, FAYA wants to activate youths and their creative thinking through its activity. Now-a-days, FAYA has been leading it’s members through its slogan ‘Collective Efforts for Change’

With more than one and half decade learning experience, FAYA Nepal embodies various qualities to be and excellent social transformation agent. It’s value, moral commitment and process of implementation is going social acknowledgement with good image. FAYA is devoting its efforts to fulfill its strategic directions through partnership with several community, local and national as well as international agencies. Currently, FAYA Nepal has been implementing various programmes under its thematic area such as human rights and democratization, women empowerment and advocacy, livelihood, water and sanitation, disaster preparedness & emergency response, land rights and Former Kamaiya rehabilitation, community health, peace building, HIV and AIDS. FAYA Nepal is expanding its recognition as a multi-sector resource organization of Far-West Nepal.


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