Major Past Projects

Major Completed Projects

  1. Implementation of Anti-drug Abuse Campaign between  195-1997 with FAYA’s internal funds.
  2. Income Generation Activities through Community mobilization between 1998-2000 in partnership  with Ministry of Local Development.
  3. Promote of Private Forest Program in Partnership with the Terai Arch land Landscape Program in the year 2002-2003.
  4. Strengthening Women and Democratic Civil Society Program (SAMRPAN) in partnership with CARE Nepal in the year 2003-2005.
  5. Water and Sanitation ( WATSAN) Program in partnership with CARE Nepal in the year 2005-2006.
  6. Good Governance Literacy Program in partnership with CARE/SAGUN program between 2003-2005.
  7. Social Inclusion and Peace building (UJAYALO) Project in partnership with CARE Nepal in the year 2005-2007.
  8. Policy Advocacy Campaign Program in partnership with CARE Nepal in the year 2006.
  9. Flood Disaster Response 2007 in the partnership with CARITAS Nepal and Actionaid Nepal.
  10. Post Disaster Support Program 2007 in partnership with Actionaid Nepal and CARE Nepal.
  11. Voter Education on Constituent Assembly Election 2008 in partnership with CARE Nepal and CARITAS Nepal.
  12. Flood Disaster Response 2008 in partnership with DCA, Actionaid Nepal CARE Nepal and CARITAS Nepal.
  13. Paddy Seed distribution to the Flood Affected Farmer Families 2008 in Partnership with UNFAO .
  14. EU-Food Facility Project in partnership with UNFAO in the year 2010-2011.
  15. Community Responsive Antenatal Delivery and essential Support for Mothers and new born(CERADLE) project partnership with USAID/CARE Nepal in the year 2008-2011.
  16. Right Based Disaster Risk Management Project partnership with DANIDA/DCA in the year 2008-2014.
  17. Low cost housing and livelihood program to freed Kamaiya partnership with Actionaid Nepal in the year 2004-2012.
  18. Quality Education through Disaster Resilience School in Kailali Project partnership with Actionaid Nepal/ROTA in the year 2010-2013.
  19. Building Peace through Community Development Project partnership with GIZ/NPTF in the year 2013-2014.
  20. Safe Remittance and Improved Livelihood Project OXFAM
  21. Urban Risk Management Project DFID/OXFAM
  22. Emergency Flood and Landslide Response and Transitional Recovery Program-Nepal Midwest Region. DFID/ECHO/OXFAM
  23. Supporting the Education of Marginalized Girls in Kailali, STEM Project DFID/Mercy crops
  24. Strengthening Approaches for Maximizing Maternal, Neonatal and Reproductive Health SAMMAN Project GSK/Care
  25. Building Resilient Communities through Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihood initiatives in kailali Project DANIDA/DCA
  26. TAYAR/DAI Global,LLC
  27. Hygiene Behavior Change Coalition (HBCC) Project/OXFAM
  28. Infection Prevention/Control(IPC) and Critical Care Management (CCM)/giz
  29. VFL Program NSET/GNDR
  30. SUAAHARA Project II / HKI 2017-2022

Major Past Projects

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