Child Centered Learning (CCL)

‘I was aware in my teaching profession. But we had adopted the old lecture method of teaching; there was nothing new and interesting things. When I participated in Child Centered Learning (CCL) training then I could get the meaning of learning’ said Laxman Chaudhary- ‘learning is important rather than teaching’.

Laxman Chaudhary is CCL teacher of Rastriya Lower Secondary School. He has been devoting more than one decade in this school as a teacher but now he has been realized that teaching learning process should be different.

The school lies in the bank of River called Kanda in Bhajani Village Development Committee Ward no. 7. There are 465 students in school and 41 students in class one, where Laxman use to play with students for their learning.

‘Now I transformed into facilitator from teacher. I’m enjoying with students. Playing, singing, interactions and learning materials production has been the routine of my work where students also get joyful and learning’ said Laxman- ‘the fear of students has been removed, they can talk with teachers easily.’

Laxman has been started to conduct mother’s meeting regularly. The mothers of students use to come with their children for monthly meeting. They talk with teacher about their children’s learning and Laxman also requests to guardians to maintain good health and hygiene of their children and tell the importance of regular school attendance in learning process.

The meeting has been obtaining the important meaning. ‘It was the first time we have called by school to talk about our children’s education; it’s very nice’ said Ms Lauti Chaudhary- ‘rich people can send their children in private boarding school, the government school are for us but the quality of education is poor. Now we are happy because the quality of education has been improving. Children are also happy.’

FAYA Nepal has been working in this school partnering with Actionaid International Nepal under ROTA project for ‘Quality Education through disaster Resilient School’ project.

– Krisna Dutta Bhatta
  Field Mobilizer, Quality Education Project

Child Centered Learning (CCL)

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