Kailali school girls in drive to change society

Kailali school girls in drive to change society

School children staging a drama about Chhaupadi system in Dododhara VDC in Kailali, on Monday, March 14, 2016 Photo: Tekendra Deuba/ THT

DHANGADHI: People in this age are believed to be modern and techno-friendly, yet they are still conservative when they have to discuss sex and reproductive health.

A year ago, folks of Narayanpur VDC, Kailali, were also hesitant to discuss the matter openly. However, school girls from this village stepped forward to change their locality.

Consequently, now the villagers are more open to discuss it, and have even acknowledged the initiative made by the girls.

A member of the team, Sita Rawal, shared it was a challenge to spread the word before; but it has been easier now.

Rawal said they use folk music, street dramas and interaction programmes to educate seniors about the reproductive age, pregnancy, regular checkups, child marriage, menstruation and basic cleanliness.

They also make the locals aware about the importance of diet, rest and cleanliness for women and girls during menstruation and pregnancy.

Seeing that the women and girls are more open to talk about the issues rather than shying away from it, the drive is being deemed successful.

School girls from 30 schools of 10 VDC, Ghodaghodi Municipality and Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City are involved in this drive.


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